We have delivered a range of Warehouse developments with a project example below.

Project Scope

Highbay Warehouse

The nature of the high-bay warehouse posed challenges due to the poor ground conditions on site. CFA piling and 5m vibro compaction was necessary to improve the ground for the racking pint load required.

Within 10 metres of a main Railway line

The project was Adjacent to a Main Railway line with a distance from the tracks of only 10 metres. The building was 20m high to the ridge line and 17m to the eaves so we had to work closely with Network rail in ensuring safe working practices next to the live railway line.

30,000 sq ft.

The project was a new warehouse next to the clients existing warehouse. Once we started on site the client asked us to completely re designed the building and continued to the program with only an additional 3 week extension time.

5 metre high Gabion retaining wall

The South-western boundary was a gradient to the neighbouring site with a difference of 5m in level. The client wanted to utilise this space as additional working space. The excavation and installation of the 500T 5m high gabion wall did exactly that.

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