A house is not only a complex structure, carefully designed to be as economically friendly, visually striking and as energy efficient as possible. A house is also a home. At Furlow Construction we understand the meaning of home, a core value we carry through from the design stage of your residential project.. To completion.

Hampstead House. GDV – £4.5M

Award Winning Project

Many of our Residential clients like to remain discreet, something we understand and respect. Thankfully our client on this occasion was happy for us to showcase this project within our portfolio.

This Project was a pleasure to be a part of, we worked very closely, on all angles with our client throughout. When we first visited the property in Hampstead it was in a very bad state of neglect inside, and out. Our client had purchased the property and had very specific visions of the home they wanted to create. Creating an immersive feeling of the old cozy home, whilst crafting a breath taking finish to give any guest the WOW factor.

The first stage of creating this beautiful home compromised of complete rip out back to the original shell, followed by an extensive remodeling of the floor plan, entrances and living space. We were so excited to have such heavy involvement in this project from the design stage, even through to the furnishing stage. Helping our client source furniture and fittings from designers and auctions all around Europe, even managing the logistics of the finishing’s into our storage facility until this home was ready for its final touches.

The centre piece of any room can be the flooring. In this project we had so much open plan living space, with a huge amount of exposed timber from the original structure of the house to consider in the design stage. The obvious choice was to use a wooden flooring. We sampled a huge variety of flooring before we found the perfect combination. Reclaimed pine longboards upstairs finished to match the original exposed timbers.

For downstairs we wanted something completely different and a colour to compliment the calacatta borghini marble used to cover the kitchen island. Not only did we decide on a reclaimed maple wood flooring, selecting the herringbone effect with a deep sanded, wax oiled finish gave our client exactly the look they dreamed of.

This project was truly a joy for everyone involved, we pushed the boundaries of contemporary and originality co existing in one space. We had the challenge of modelling the interior to create as much natural light flowing through the main areas of the house as possible. But most importantly we had another opportunity to deliver someone there dream house. The many pictures above show some of the detailing but the video below showcases the true flow and beauty of this home renovation. We hope you enjoy the video.

Let’s create something together.

Making A House A Home.

We understand how different one project can be to another, all of us are honored and excited to be involved in any project you may have. So why not get in touch and we can discuss your vision. Let us show you how our simple in house approach to construction can benefit you or your business. we go the extra mile throughout all of our projects.

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