Civil Engineering

Every Dream build, every amazing home or
commercial development needs an amazing

Foundations and structural’s are a crucial part of every project. From Strip foundations & traditional pads to Raft’s, reinforcement steel and piling. We cover it all. An intrusive geo-survey paired with a project design should give you all of the information needed in order to finalise your foundation detail. Depending on the area your development is in there is usually historic data available giving you foresight to what ground type and infrastructure you will need in place for your project before acquiring the proposed site or building.

As a principal contractor it is our job to not only carry out the works but advise you before hand if there are any more cost effective options available, ensure the proposed designs work on site and highlight any areas we think may need to be reviewed before works start. The most important part of any project is below ground. It may not be seen but it is the base in which a building sits on. We guarantee a high quality, within schedule and within budget service for you.

Drainage, mains connections, storm water and waste are huge behind the scene element’s of construction which receive little credit. But are key to all buildings and infrastructure.

Ensuring the drainage to your project is sustainable, manageable and effective is essential during the design stages. With ever changing weather, more eco friendly systems to dealing with storm water and some times allowing drainage to be capable of handling further development on the project should additional dwellings or units be sought after in the future.

A well thought out design ensures a smooth reality of working on site.

Civil Engineering covers a huge variety of works and projects. Planning, designing and carrying out construction and maintenance of buildings and infrastructures which keep the country moving. Our team are well experienced and keen to deliver the best product and service to our clients.

At Furlow Construction we offer construction only & also a complete
design and build service for all Civil
Engineering Projects.
Our team will be on hand every step of the way.

Rebar Infrastructure
Septic Tanks
RC Frames
Civil Engineering servicing contracts

Foul connections
Storm water Connections
Car Parks
Raft foundations
Piling and Sheet piling

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